Radiohead : Golden Pyramids

Radiohead : Golden Pyramids

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Radiohead  Large! A signed, numbered & doodled limited edition of 99 silkscreen poster. LIMIT 1 PER PERSON. Size: 24" x 36".

I was inspired to create this image from the title of Radioheads song Pyramid Song and the lyrics of the song 2+2=5; the driving repetitive tempo reminded me of an endless Koyaanisqatsi assembly line...

In a matrix-like world, worshipping false idols in the march towards "progress" is only feeding the instrument of our own destruction. Unknowingly creating the means to our own end, the giant Radiohead consumes all who feed it.

As advanced as we are, we are still primitive in regards to seeing the consequences of our actions in the future.

The eyes are from the HAL 9000 computer (2001) The "teeth" are made from golden pyramids. The perspective of the workers disappearing also creates a pyramid shape, re-iterating the shape of the all seeing eye.